The Borough of Etna has pledged and undertaken efforts to be a Sustainable Community. Through its ongoing commitment to implementing programs and developing strategies to foster environmental stewardship, community economic opportunity, health, and resilience, Etna has earned a Gold designation from Sustainable Pennsylvania.

In an effort to become a more sustainable community, the Borough has adopted several ordinances that help protect our environment.

Ordinance No. 1341
 – allows for the disconnection of roof drains/gutters from residential properties to help reduce the storm water carried in our combined (sanitary and storm water) sewer system. This helps minimize the amount of storm water in the system which takes up capacity in the system and reduces sewage treatment costs at the treatment plant (ALCOSAN). Click here for the Permit Application.

Ordinance No. 1345
 - provides regulations for the installation of solar devices for homes owners. It streamlines the process to make it easier for installation for both the home owner and the installer. Click here for the Permit Application.

The Borough, through grant funding provided by Allegheny County, has installed water saving devices including low flow toilets at the Municipal Complex on Butler Street. In addition, all lighting fixtures at the complex have been replaced with energy efficient fixtures. Light switch plates have been replaced and are now motion activated and go off on their own, preventing lights being left on in rooms that are empty

The Borough has installed rain barrels at our recreational facilities which enable our Garden Club to water the numerous public flower beds using rain water from the barrels. These barrels are located at Dougherty Veterans Fields, the Clarence Fugh Memorial Park and Playground and at the storage facility at the Butler Street Public Parking Lot.


Air Pollution

In 2019, Etna Borough was awarded a grant of $50,000.00 from the Allegheny County Health Department to aid in air quality projects throughout the community. Being a Live Well Allegheny Community, we pledged to use all of the funds to purchase trees that will be planted at various locations throughout the borough, including Butler Street, the Clarence Fugh Memorial Playground, and along Rt. 8 and 28. We have partnered with Tree Pittsburgh to choose the appropriate tree species for locations, and Borough employees as well as volunteers have been planting and tending to the trees. By planting trees throughout the Borough, we are improving the air quality for residents, businesses and visitors to the community.

Community plantings typically take place during the spring and fall seasons – so keep an eye on our website and social media if you are interested in volunteering! If you are interested in receiving a tree on your property, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to our next upcoming planting.

Trees Planted to Date:  243

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Etna Borough Converts Duquesne Light Street Lighting To LED

Through the Duquesne Light LED Municipal Cobrahead Street Lighting Conversion Pilot Program, the Borough has been able to convert an additional 207 fixtures from 150 WATT High Pressure Sodium to the equivalent of 106 WATT LED fixtures.

This was a Pilot Program instituted by Duquesne Light which was approved by the PA Public Utility Commission.  The energy efficient LED Cobrahead Street Light will be added to the Municipal Light Rate (Tariff SM) and all facilities will continue to be installed, maintained and owned by the Duquesne Light Co.  Each new lamp head will save the community approximately $24.00 per lamp, per year, an annual savings of $960.00. In less than 5 years, we will have recouped our investment and going forward from that point, it will total cost savings to the Borough.

This initiative is a direct result of work of CONNECT, which is an organization that Etna belongs to made up of the City of Pittsburgh and the communities that surround the City.  CONNECT has been working with PennFuture and Duquesne Light for over a year on this initiative. This is a win-win program for all involved.  The initial swap-out was for 10 lamp heads per community, but as the program proceeded, communities were able to add more.  The new LED lamp heads begin when entering Etna off of Route 28 near Ann Street and run all the way through the main business district to the Kittanning Street and Route 8 intersection.  They also go down both Bridge and Freeport Streets to the railroad crossing near Sharpsburg Borough.  With all the new LED Decorative Street Lighting that is replacing the old decorative lighting in the central business district, we thought we would build out from that area.

The beautiful LED decorative street lighting that is currently being installed in the central business district, replacing the old antiquated lighting from the mid 1980’s also has a CONNECT connection (no pun intended).  As a member of CONNECT Etna Borough and all the member municipalities are able to purchase off of City of Pittsburgh advertised bi contracts.  That is where and how the Borough purchased the LED lampheads that are on the new decorative street lighting.  The City of Pittsburgh had bid these and was installing them throughout the City at different locations.  The Borough was able to purchase off of their contract, at a huge cost savings, due to the high volume that the City was purchasing.  We did not purchase the same decorative poles, but choose a less expensive, but beautiful concrete base pole, which along with the installation was bid.  WOW - HOW SUSTAINABLE IS ALL OF THAT!!!!  PARTERNING WITH OUR NEIGHBORS FOR ENERGY & COST SAVINGS TO OUR COMMUNITY!!
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Mobility & Transportation

Learn more about Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh Complete Street Programs

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