Etna Community Organization

The Etna Community Organization (ECO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building a more vibrant and sustainable future for Etna, PA where all have the opportunity to thrive and live healthy fulfilling lives. ECO is committed to engaging community members to take action in three focus areas: social equity, community resiliency, and environmental stewardship.

ECO started as a grassroots itiative in late 2016 to initiate and then steward the Etna EcoDistrict community planning process. From 2016-2019, ECO and its community partners held 36 free, open-to-the-public events to support the creation of the Etna EcoDistrict Plan. Concurrently, ECO collaborated with planning consultant evolveEA to complete the national certification process which led to Etna becoming the World’s first Certified EcoDistrict.

Since the publication of the Etna EcoDistrict Plan, ECO has been working in close collaboration with Etna Borough to fundraise and implement the projects and programs that were determined by the community. ECO is also a proud member of the Triboro Ecodistrict, a network of community organizations in Etna, Millvale, and Sharpsburg that work together to solve challenges and share resources that help our rivertowns.

We encourage all residents to connect with ECO through our social media, newsletter, or at one of our events so that we can work together to shape a bright future for all. To get involved with our organization, please reach out to ECO’s Executive Director, Megan Tuñón.

437 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15223   I      (412) 781-0569

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