Religious Organizations

Calvert Memorial Presbyterian Church

94 Locust Street
Etna, PA 15223

Pastor:  Rev. Thomas Menk

Adult and Youth Sunday School is from 9:30 to 10:15
Sunday Mass Schedule:  Sunday 10:30 AM

The congregation of the First United Presbyterian of Etna was organized on Feb. 13, 1868 with 46 members. In July of 1868 the Rev. Alexander Calvert was called as the first pastor. Mr. Calvert died Nov. 30, 1901. On the 50th anniversary of the church in 1918 the church was renamed Calvert Memorial United Presbyterian Church in memory of its beloved first pastor. It was said that he was loved and respected by people of every faith in Etna and the Sharpsburg areas.

On Nov. 12, 1906 the building committee recommended the purchase from the Spang Land Company of Lots 31, 32, 33, and 34 at the corner of High and Locust Streets, for the sum of $4500. Plans for a new church building provided seating of 350 in the main auditorium and 250 in the Sabbath School. (total 600)

Many Community outreach programs have been developed and implemented by Calvert Memorial Church in recent years. The Bread of Life Food Pantry, established under Reverend Menk, who also established the Wednesday Club which served as the model for today’s Kids Corner and the Tuesday Club. In addition, Calvert has always been known for programs that benefit the children of Etna including Vacation Bible schools and Summer Reading camps.

The present building was designated a historic landmark under Reverend Jackson.

Bread of Life Food Pantry

Calvert hosts and our members serve at the Food Pantry located on the lower level of the church. The Bread of Life Food Pantry serves approximately 120 families in our community. Eligible clients are welcomed once a month and receive a week’s worth of groceries. For more information, click on button below.

437 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15223   I      (412) 781-0569

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