Etna Riverfront Park Site

Turning unusable property into passive green space
1.8-acres; 780-feet of riverfront property

Etna Riverfront Park

Historically, nice access areas for residents to use the riverfront in Etna have been very limited due to industry controlling the majority of space along the Allegheny River. The opportunity to create the Etna Riverfront Trail and Park has allowed the community to redevelop a brownfield right along the Allegheny River. This redevelopment provides ecological and economic benefits to the region as well as providing residents of Etna and the neighboring communities a place to participate in activities such as running, walking, biking, roller skating and other forms of recreation while enjoying the scenic riverfront views.

The location of the redevelopment area is at the southern end of Bridge Street in the Borough of Etna. The site consists of five property parcels located in the area between the Allegheny River and railroad crossing all being owned by the Borough of Etna. The location, design, and access of the park take into account the American Disabilities Act design standards which allow users of all socioeconomic classes and ability levels to use the park. This section of trail will also connect to the River Towns Bike and Pedestrian Trail, allowing users to make connections to other local trails. Users will be able to access the park either by walking to it, using the dedicated parking lot that is also designed to meet the standards of the American Disabilities Act, or by using the River Towns Bike and Pedestrian Trail connection.

The park is also located within the Rivers of Steel Heritage Area. By developing it into a riverfront trail and park, we are supporting the mission of the heritage area by combining tourism, resource conservation, and economic development into the area.

The Etna Riverfront Trail and Park has been underway for many years, rowing the anticipation of the grand opening. Thanks to the many different partners on this project, the Etna Riverfront Trail and Park is expected to open to the public mid-summer 2021.

The proposed site for the Etna Riverfront Park and Trail’s location has a unique and strategic location 24 feet above the Allegheny River and at the foot of the 62nd Street Bridge. It is a unique piece of urban property that has the potential to become a community treasure and a key link in a regional trail system along the Allegheny River. The Etna Riverfront Park and Trail is a vital piece of infrastructure that will benefit both the community of Etna and the regional river trail corridor as a whole.

The Park will offer ideal vistas up and downstream, passive greenspace, and act as a critical link in further connecting the regional trail systems.

Proposed Trail Location

Red = Proposed Heritage Trail route
Orange = Community Connections
Green = Future Potential Trail Connections
Blue = Parks

Park Ground Breaking

437 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15223   I      (412) 781-0569

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