Flood Projects

Since the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, the Borough has undertaken and completed projects to help lessen the frequency and severity of flooding in our community. Those projects include the replacement of the Allegheny Valley Railroad Bridge which provided an additional 18 inches clearance underneath the structure with a cost of over $700,000.00; the replacement of the Mae West – Grant Avenue Bridge by the Pa. Department of Transportation which also provides an additional 18 inches of clearance; and the construction and installation of debris control facilities upstream in Shaler Township near Burger King with a cost of a little over $130,000.00. Etna received one half of the funding necessary for this project through a grant, and the Township of Shaler received grant funding for the other half needed. These facilities are inspected and cleaned out after heavy rain events with the two communities sharing the cost.

The Borough has also installed an AM ALERT Radio Station, AM 1670 to advise residents and business owners of pending high water emergencies. A Warning Siren has been installed to alert residents to tune into AM 1670 for flood warnings and watches as well as potential evacuations.

Debris Control Facilities have been installed at the Parker Street “Run”, which has also overflowed and caused both street and residential flooding.

The Borough continues its annual maintenance of catch basins, storm inlets and storm water “runs” as part of regular maintenance. After every rain event, storm runs are inspected and cleaned out as necessary. They are also routinely inspected quarterly to ensure they are not clogged.

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