November 2023 Council Meeting Agenda

7:30 pm

Reports:  Treasurers Report, Expenditures/Bills List/Minutes

Committee Reports:

Police Chief Report - Stats for October; Business Owner Temporary Parking Meeting; Fall Qualifications; Overdoses, Officer Exposed; Light the Night Preparations

Public Works Director’s Report – Garbage collected; Leaf collection; Washington Street sinkhole; Sewer grate on Parker Street; Ordered Christmas trees; Prepped wreaths; Inspected outlets for Christmas banners; Weatherized at pool building, Hafner Field, ball field, and Garden of Etna; Trees on Gerard Street; Mirror on Kittanning Street; Military banners; Filed report on Streetscape, repaired pavers on Love Street, corrected issues from ALCOSAN; Monitored tree removal, organized fence removal; Street lights along Route 8; Pipe on Greely, Butler, Washington, and Parker Streets; Prepping for Light the Night; CSO meters and MS4 seminar; Public Works CPR certified; 811 emergencies; Asphalt recycling; Thermostat in fire station; Emergency response flood doors; Pothole requests; Donations of a cement mixer, drill press, and ladder.

Engineer’s Report –Source Flow Reduction Consent Order Compliance; CDBG Year 49 Grant Applications; CDBG Year 50 Grant Applications; Dewey Street and Spring Street Sewer Separation Project—GROW Grant; Etna Streetscape Phase 4; Etna Streetscape Phase 5.1; W. Little Pine Creek—Flood Basin Debris Cleaning; 2023 MS4 Program

Etna VFD Report – Events per Event Type (10/01/2023-10/31/2023); Breakdown by Major Incident Types, All Zones – (10/01/2023-10/31/2023)

EMS Director – October 2023 Volume Report


PUBLIC AUDIENCE:                                                                         



1.) Vision Outdoor Media                                                                  1.) Approval

2.) DEP Article and Grant Paperwork                                             2.) Accept/Authorize                                                                                     

3.) Greeley Avenue Bridge Inspection Report                                3.) Accept & File

4.) Direct Energy Agreement                                                             4.) Accept/Authorize                                                                     

5.) CDBG Resolution                                                                          5.) Adopt                                                                            

6.) Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County                       6.) Authorize

7.) PA Heart & Soul Email                                                                  7.) Update/Additional Grants

8.) ALOM Spring Conference Flyer                                                   8.) Report

9.) ALCOSAN 11/1/2023 Letter                                                        9.) Receive—New Rates

10.) Ruth Hidek                                                                                  10.) Resolution of Recognition

11.) Budget                                                                                         11.) On Display—Advertise for December

12.) Transfer Agreement                                                                  12.) ALCOSAN—Manager Update

13.) D.E.P. Consent Order                                                                13.) Extension—Manager Update

14.) L.P.C.C.T. (Little Pine Creek Connector Trail)                          14.) Recommend Firm

15.) Resignation                                                                                15.) Tax Collector

16.) Police Policies                                                                            16.) Adopt


Council/Mayor and Manager Reports:


Manager Report – Code/Zoning Updates; CONNECT/GET SOLAR Project; Greenhouse Gas Inventory; MRM Loss Control Visit; CRS/Flood Warning System; Wall On (Rear) Greismere Street; IBEW Local #5; CDBG Paving Grant Application; CDBG Demolition, 151 Dewey St; Public Works Licenses; CONNECT/ONE PITTSBURGH; COG; Heart and Soul; Finance Staff Update; Joint Code/Rental Inspection


Public Comment

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ellen Ramage, Secretary/Manager

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