2022 Fall Leaf Collection

2022 Fall Leaf Collection

Etha Public Works Department will begin using our vacuum truck to clean up leaves, placed on the curb by residents. The schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday: Bittner Plan Area
  • Tuesday: Dewey Street & Vilsack Street Area
  • Wednesday: Pine Street to Walnut Street, and all connecting roads (including High Street and Christler Street Area; Kittanning Street and Greismere Street Area)
  • Thursday: Parker Street and Washington Street Area
  • Friday: Cherry Street and Sycamore Street Area

*Reminder*  This is a tentative schedule, and it may differ if we encounter delays due to large quantities of leaves or an early snowfall.

Any leaves placed on your curb after November 23 will not be picked up, as we have to convert our trucks for snow removal. 

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